Military & Family

There are many components that compound the stress response related to serving our nation:

  • Multiple deployments
  • Length of time between deployments
  • Duration of current conflicts
  • Family separation and reintegration

These situations, when combined with the high intensity of the conflicts, cause additional stress on the family structure and resources. Often times, this can result in substance abuse issues or other behavioral health problems such as depression.

Patriot Support Programs have board-certified psychiatrists, registered nurses, military-trained therapists and other professionals prepared to help. Through treatment, we can teach the necessary resiliency skills to support healthy coping strategies for the stress of conflict.

We help families prepare and plan for the deployment cycle, learn and utilize new skills, while accessing the support offered through civilian and military resources.

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Herschel Walker Campaign

Herschel Walker, Heisman trophy winner, professional athlete, businessman, and author, is the national spokesman for the Patriot Support Program. Herschel has broken free from his own shame related to mental illness and now provides emotional and motivational support to service members, veterans and military families by conducting public speaking engagements at military installations nationwide. Click here to learn more.

You’ve Served Us. Now Let Us Serve You.

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